Eligibility, Instructions, & Required Documents

Filing Eligibility

  • Approximate household income of $74,000 or less. (check with your local site)


  • Schedule an appointment with your local site
  • Regularly check the website for the most up-to-date schedule of VITA/TCE sites
  • Cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend and Reschedule immediately to a day and time which fits your schedule
  • Make sure you have all the required documents to prepare your tax return
  • Bring a pen to complete forms and sign tax return

Required Documents List

  • Copy of Photo ID and spouse’s if filing jointly (driver’s license or passport)
  • Copy of Social Security Cards or Individual Taxpayer ID Numbers (ITIN) for each family member included on the return
  • For married filing jointly, both spouses must be present to review tax return and sign
  • W-2’s for wages, W-2G’s for gambling income
  • 1099’s for interest, dividends, unemployment, state tax refunds, pension or 401-K distributions, and other income
  • Records of revenue from self-employment, home-based businesses, and/or side hustles
  • 1098’s for mortgage interest, student loan interest, tuition, and/or statement of property taxes paid
  • Statement of College Student Account showing all charges and payments for each student on the return
  • Childcare or dependent care receipts, including tax ID number, phone number, and address for provider
  • Records of expenses for self-employment, home-based businesses, and/or side hustles
Other Documentation
  • Bank routing number and account numbers for direct deposit/direct debit (name must be on the account)
  • 1095’s Health Insurance statement. Specifically Form 1095A from the Market Place
  • Last’s year’s tax return – Required for MyFree Taxes or Facilitated Self Assistance, self-preparation
  • If you own your home and/or property in Nebraska, bring your real estate or property tax statement.
  • If you are a volunteer fire person or EMT in Nebraska, bring your verification letter.
  • If you are a childcare provider in Nebraska and are eligible for credits, bring your letter.
  • Bring a pen

Out of Scope
  • CANNOT prepare the return if reporting CRYPTOCURRENCY without Form 1099
  • CANNOT prepare the return if a DEPRECIATION SCHEDULE is required or a SCHEDULE F (farm) is required
  • CANNOT prepare a return with CASUALTY or theft loss
  • CANNOT prepare the return if SELF EMPLOYMENT or HOMEBASED BUSINESSES have:
    • A NET LOSS
    • More than $35,000 in EXPENSES

Sites May Be Able to

  • MAY be able to prepare with a return with SCHEDULE E (rental income) or SCHEDULE K-1 (partnership or trust income)
  • MAY be able to prepare a return with income from DIVIDENDS, CAPITAL GAINS, or MINIMAL BROKERAGE TRANSACTIONS
  • MAY be able to prepare MULTIPLE STATE RETURNS

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Follow local health department guidelines at the time of your appointment.
  • It’s the health and safety of everyone. Reschedule or minimally mask up if you do not feel well.